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Bid Management - Improving your Scores and Success

Pre-qualification and compliance

Do you have everything you need to get through the pre-qualification stage?

  • PAS91 and selection questionnaire completions

  • ISO, trade and legal accreditation applications

  • Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) applications

Bid strategies / win themes and management

  • Providing valuable input into opportunity qualification, win strategies, commercial discussions and solution design

  • Review of current/previous bids - ensuring compliance, improvement feedback 

  • Tender management plans with milestones  

  • Developing solutions to problems, risks and challenges  

  • Analysis of the opportunity at all stages ensuring that the overall solution optimises your chance of success

  • Ensuring tenders are fully compliant with procurement requirements

  • Ensuring overall consistency of the bid strategy and anticipating critical success factors 

Bid knowledge - supporting evidence

  • Creation / review of bid library

  • Policies and procedures

  • Value engineering, value for money

  • Continuous improvement processes

  • Quality management standards and policy

  • Customer and client satisfaction 

  • Health, safety and environmental

  • CVs and organograms

  • Experience, capability and case studies

  • References and testimonials

  • Process flowcharts, infographics, photography

  • Project plans 

  • Risks and mitigations

  • IT systems 

  • GDPR 

  • Social value offering, TOMS (Themes, Outcomes and Measures)

  • Sustainability

Through to an interview or presentation stage of the tender process?
Tender interview preparation coaching  - be prepared, be confident

Presentations and interviews can be used to meet the key personnel involved in both the tender process and delivery of the contract, to back-up the tenderers overall proposal and to ensure the tenderer has the experience and capability to deliver the works/services, as well as clarify any pricing queries and, that your business aligns with the client's values and goals.

Bespoke interview / presentation coaching packages can include: preparation and practice sessions, materials and visual aids, preparing for difficult questions and getting across those key messages.

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